About Us

About Us

Printech SAL, established in 1993, is the leader in digital printing technology. Rapidly expanding to acquire a leading share in the advertising market.


5 Meters Wide Airbrush Printer

We were the first to introduce large format printing into the Middle East with the deployment of the finest 5 Meters Wide Airbrush Printer.

First 2 Meters Wide FlatBed Printer

3M appointed Printech as authorized converter and MSC administrator and in 2003 we introduced the first 2 Meters Wide FlatBed Printer that prints on several mediums such as wood, metal, steel, foam boards, polyvinyl etc.

New die-cut machine

In 2009 we introduced to the market, a new die-cut machine with a large variety of techniques in die cutting (wood, steel, PVC, Foam board, cardboard with thickness capacity up to 4 cm and the ability to produce any 3D shape wanted).

Carving and engraving

The latest addition to our production is a CNC carving and engraving machine adding a whole new line of designing and shaping of materials into different forms.

Our Quality Policy

With the recognition of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate, Printech strives for international recognition that rewards commitment towards the ongoing improvement of the company.

We are guided by major principles, which could be summarized by a golden triangle:

  • Quality
  • High standards client services
  • Speed of delivery
Our team constitutes of 50 dedicated professional individuals covering turnkey projects from Kazakhstan, Jordan, UAE, Sudan, Algeria, and Egypt.
Our printed materials are shipped bio monthly to clients in the MENA Region, Moscow, Pakistan, India, USA, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macao, Hong Kong, Brunei and Australia in response to our clients’ demands for their branches worldwide.





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